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SCAN has adopted Nextdoor as our primary communications channel and we encourage everyone in SCAN to join Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a free, private community network that allows us all to share information with our neighbors. Over 1,100 households in SCAN have already joined Nextdoor. We share information on all kinds of topics. Your SCAN Board also uses Nextdoor to inform our neighbors about our meetings and other happenings in SCAN.

To join Nextdoor all you have to do is go to You will be asked to verify that you live in SCAN. SCAN Nextdoor is divided into five separate neighborhoods: Gaiety Hill, Owens, Fairmount Hill, Bush Park and McKinley. Depending on where you live in SCAN  you will become a part of one of these neighborhood networks.

Once you have joined Nextdoor you can send and receive messages from your immediate neighbors in one of the five SCAN neighborhoods or you can send and receive messages from all of SCAN. By going to your “Settings” you can choose to have messages come to your email inbox or be viewed on the Nextdoor website. It’s up to you. You can also send private messages to individual users of Nextdoor.

Your SCAN Board believes that by making full use of Nextdoor we can bring our neighborhoods closer together and build community in SCAN. Nextdoor members can help us do this by inviting their friends and neighbors in SCAN to join Nextdoor. The more Nextdoor members we have, the more it will be of value to all of us.

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